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Dr. Roxanne Carfora

Dr. Roxanne Carfora is board certified in Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine and is a specialist in family medicine. Her expertise in all three fields of medicine offers patients a “complete” evaluation of their health and wellness.

Dr. Carfora evaluates a patients’ underlying nutritional and hormonal deficiencies, as well as their genetics. Using scientific data from blood chemistries, anti-oxidant levels, saliva, urine specimens and metabolic screening, she then formulates a Wellness Program specifically designed for you!

Dr. Carfora is a keynote speaker on women’s health issues and bio-identical hormones. She has appeared on Channel 12 News, as well as published many articles on Health and Wellness appearing in Image Magazine, Newsday Wellness and Who’s Who in Wellness. She has also been on the radio as part of the panel of the Woman To Woman Forum.

Dr. Carfora has been practicing medicine for over 20 years and is one of the most highly regarded physicians in the area. Dr. Carfora is currently continuing her education in Nutritional and Molecular Medicine.

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