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 “Getting YOU Healthy, NATURALLY” ™ by Dr. Carfora

Dr. Carfora’s “detect and correct” approach is to detect underlying hormonal and nutritional depletions through blood work, saliva testing, and scientific technology. An individualized wellness program will be formulated just for YOU to optimize YOUR health!
-Dr. Roxanne Carfora

Functional & Anti-Aging Medicine and Advanced Primary Care

Our medical staff will spend more time with the patients than what is considered standard.

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Welcome to Ageless 360 Medical Group

Ageless 360 Medical Group was developed by Dr. Roxanne G. Carfora to combine the three specialties of Functional Medicine, Anti-Aging Medicine, and Family Medicine. Our physicians are trained to practice medicine by looking at the cause of disease and detecting underlying deficiencies. We have multiple specialties within our facilities along with state of the art equipment which allows us to offer an array of unique services. While we still accept walk-ins and treat sick patients, our true value is reflected in the way we maintain our patient’s health and fight off the effects of aging. Our goal is to keep you healthy and increase your longevity, NATURALLY.